A Universal Feeling on Valentine's Weekend

Last night I had a dream about my grandfather. Out of all my lovely grandparents, he is the last one standing. Ironically I just found out that he fell last night and is in the hospital – he is going to be ok but will need a lot of TLC to get him back on track.

It is so interesting how the universe sends us signals in the oddest ways and at the most appropriate times. So in this particular dream there was love, warmth, care and I was drawn to be with my family. I woke up today to this news on the same day that my grandmother, his wife, passed away three years ago. Somehow I feel in this case, this is all interconnected.

Its Valentine’s weekend. As commercial as it has become, this series of days represents an extra boost where the romantic in me oozes lots of extra love. And this time it feels powerful in a different way. Maybe its because the circumstance my grandfather is in right now makes my mind focus on the life he’s lived and the things I love about him. Maybe it’s a shot of gratitude for his influence on my childhood. For whatever the reason that this is all happening this weekend, I am aware of my feelings, my surroundings, mindful of this moment and him.

On my wedding day he told me I looked like an angel. And then we cut a rug together. These were the best memories on the best day. More to come soon on that best day ever...