Samantha Inch, CPC, CAPP

My name is Samantha and I create strategies for high quality living. 

As a Certified Personal Development Coach and Certified Applied Positive Psychology Consultant, I offer a unique formula of science and self-care to women who know they want something different but don't know how to get there.

I know that we can unstick ourselves. I know it first-hand because I've lived it. For many years, I was on a blind pursuit of corporate success in the world of PR and Communications, making decisions that were driven by what I thought were my real desires. It turns out they were decisions I was making based on a definition of success that prioritized money, job title, status and reputation. I was living as an alternate version of myself - allowing mainstream voices to dictate my choices. This disconnected me from my truth. But because I did really well according to that definition, this inner conflict confused me even more.

So after years of struggling to understand the root of this confusion, I woke up. Getting out of my comfort zone to look in the mirror kickstarted my journey of self-reflection. I started choosing the real me, and therefore every action I took supported the real me. Through my journey of self-discovery, I found my calling. My a-ha moment of a lifetime came when I decided I would use my experience to help other women who were just starting or in the midst of their own self-journey to find themselves. I wanted to "up the ante" on women's lives -- empowering them to make positive, healthy and sustainable choices -- so they could stop watching their lives control them, and start controlling their lives. I spent years researching philosophy and psychology-based teachings within the field of happiness and well-being. I received my Certification in Applied Positive Psychology, became a Certified Professional Coach for women, and began training corporate employees how to manage their minds and emotions to improve performance in the workplace.

The human experience is fascinating. There is no perfect existence free of adversity or struggle. Life throws all kinds of challenges our way, which can paralyze, hurt and inhibit us from living well. But we always have a choice. Our whole lives are dictated by what goes on in our minds -- by the thoughts we choose and the behaviors we habituate. So we can train and change our brains to better deal with those low points and induce new positive ones - we can choose how to manage our thoughts, emotions and behaviors to get the life we want. It takes awareness, knowledge, commitment and practice. It can be hard work, and I can help with that work. It's how I'm helping change lives.

I represent a case study that shows you don't have to think, feel or do anything that doesn't serve you. You can create your own formula for what makes you happy, take control of your own decisions and and find an answer to philosophies' oldest question - what is the good life? And more importantly, how do you want to live it?