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My talks and workshops are essentially "how-to" guides brought to life. Influenced by the science of happiness, and the teachings of our most acclaimed thought leaders in human behavior, participants will learn mental and emotional well-being strategies to change their lives. I teach participants how to self-reflect, recognize unhelpful patterns, and introduce intentional practices to improve overall well-being. I offer one-day workshops or a customized series that can be tailored to fit the needs of your group or organization. Click the button below to tailor a workshop to your goals. 


Group Coaching for Women

Each generation of women has had their own version of societal pressure. Those of us in the workforce today arguably have a more advanced type of pressure — a belief that we should be able to "do it all,” at no cost to our well-being. It’s no wonder much of what we say to ourselves reflects a worry that our efforts are never enough, never perfect. This type of external-turned-internal pressure has detrimental impacts on our self-worth and self-esteem. Learn a new approach to manifesting everything you want, without the cost of burnout.

Samantha’s workshop was a great respite from the time that I spend chasing my dream, and my son, to remember that happiness truly is an inside job and, luckily, a renewable resource that comes from acceptance of myself in the moment and choosing to be in the now and enjoy. It was great!
— Olivia D.
Samantha’s series of workshops showed me that I have the power to change my beliefs about myself. Now I have the tools to be more positive, and its leading to better outcomes in my life.
— Kristan D.
There were several powerful moments in the workshop that gave us permission to be our authentic selves, which was beautiful to experience. I left feeling reflective, balanced and motivated.
— Arielle F.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence has been named the "skill of the future" by Forbes and Harvard Business Review among other notable business publications. People with Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, have a high level of self-awareness to be able to manage internal and external stress and conflict, and can strategically regulate their emotions to develop positive relationships with others. Critical to success in the professional world, the most resilient and successful people are proficient in Emotional Intelligence. 

This class was a true gift! Samantha is the only person who has been able to help me realize habits I had no idea existed. She gave me tools to better manage my reactions and I am already putting them to good use.
— Yvonne L.
Samantha as an instructor is frankly, flawless. She actively engaged the audience and selected stimulating exercises to promote the overall learning of her students. I keep my Emotional Intelligence binder on my desk as my go to resource when needed.
— Darlene M.
Classes like this where there is a lot of honest reflection and transparent conversation only work if you have instructor who is personable and really believes in what they are teaching. Samantha is unbelievably intelligent and its apparent that she loves what she does.
— Michael B.

Mindfulness and Meditation

If research shows without a doubt that mindfulness and meditation have short and long-term health benefits, why don't more of us use this strategy day-to-day? Do we not have enough time to breathe? Learn the basics of why mindfulness leads to increased productivity and decreased emotional waste, increased focus, and better performance. Walk away with a tailored approach to incorporate mindfulness practices into your routine.  

This workshop is filled with research-based content and tools that provide practical and actionable steps to help people manage stress and to approach our day from a more intentional perspective. This class is now an important differentiator for our organization.
— Patrick P.
Samantha is a great instructor. She pulls you in and keeps your attention, the class goes by so quickly because you get so enthralled in her style. I enjoyed my time in the class. I recommend it to everyone. It should really be mandatory for all employees
— Megan F.
Samantha is direct, vibrant, encouraging and extremely enthusiastic - a breath of fresh air! She was thoughtful and patient and really creates rapport with everyone.
— Wanda G.