Speaking & Workshops


My talks and workshops are bite-sized "how-to" guides that teach women how to hack life's challenges, achieve well being, reduce stress, and prioritize mental and emotional self-care. Based on the science of human flourishing, content is packaged into research-based strategies and practical tools participants can begin to use immediately. Workshops range from 1 to 3-hour sessions and can be tailored to fit the needs of your group or organization.

The 'workshop-in-a-box' choices outlined below are some of the common selections chosen by organizations and teams. Click the button below to discuss one of these or identify how we can tailor a workshop to your goals. 


Having it All: The New Definition of Balance

The next generation of women learned from their mothers that there was always pressure to "have it all" - career and family.  Since then, women continue to face increasingly harsh societal pressures. New research has shown us finding success may not all be about "having," but "being." Learn a new approach to manifesting everything you want, without the cost of burnout.

"Sam's workshop was a great respite from the time that I spend chasing my dream, and my son, to remember that happiness truly is an inside job and, luckily, a renewable resource that comes from acceptance of myself in the moment and choosing to be in the now and enjoy. It was great!"  -- Olivia D.

Self-Care is Health Care

When we stop to listen to what our minds are telling us, its shocking to realize that much of what we say to ourselves is negative, resulting in detrimental long-term impacts on our self-worth and self-esteem. Empower yourself through honest reflection and a celebration of your authenticity while learning self-care strategies to promote your overall wellbeing. 

"Sam's series of workshops showed me that I have the power to change my beliefs about myself. Now I have the tools to be more positive, and its leading to better outcomes in my life." -- Kristan D. 
There were several powerful moments in the workshop that gave us permission to be our authentic selves, which was beautiful to experience. I left feeling reflective, balanced and positive!" -- Arielle F. 

Stress Reduction for Busy People

If research shows without a doubt that mindfulness and meditation have short and long-term health benefits, why don't more of us use this strategy in our lives? Do we not have enough time to breathe? Learn the basics of why mindfulness leads to increased productivity and decreased waste, increased focus, and better performance, Walk away with a tailored approach to incorporate mindfulness practices into your routine.  

This workshop is filled with research-based content and tools that provide practical and actionable steps to help people manage stress and to approach our day from a more positive perspective. This class is now an important differentiator for our organization." -- Patrick P.